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I am new at this! May 13, 2008

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Ok,I am new at this blogging thing.  Both of my sisters LOVE it, so here I go.  I am not even sure that I am doing this right.  If worse comes to worse I will have to take a blogging course from my baby sister.

I am a mother of 4.  I have the best children around.  They are the best at making me lose my mind.  Just kidding.  I wouldn’t change them for anything!  God knew what He was doing when he gave each one to me.

I am also a wife.  My husband Jeff is PERFECT!  There are days that I would love to trade him in, but I am sure there are days he thinks the same.  We will be married 13 years next week. It has not always been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Well, I think I did it…  I blogged!  Now I have to learn how to add pictures (we won’t try to much in one day).



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